Thursday, May 21, 2009
Done! Almost...
Dr Chris Shaw leaves today. He is looking forward to seeing his wife and Sparky and never having to talk to us again. Poor bloke...having to deal with a rabble of annoying morons like us. Admittedly he will have to talk to us a little more cos he's got a couple of tracks to mix when he returns to NYC. Sorry Chris.

We went to Jamie's brother's restaurant Vini last night to farewell Chris and celebrate the (almost) finishing of the record. The food was awesome as usual. We amassed a bill of over a grand due to the copious amounts of champagne, red wine, grappa and limoncello... so we all understandably feel like turd today.


PS I did an interview today for a community newspaper and the guy said to me "So Stav, that's obviously a nickname, how did you get it?" Um???

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