Sunday, April 12, 2009
Day 9 - ...And we're back. We've been sitting in the studio all day, hungover as dogs. Nothing very exciting happened last night; we went out with Chris and had a drink. We had a nice Indian dinner, and then we walked around in the 'Cross looking for something to do, walked to the Gaslight, and than drank more.

The Vasco Era are currently punishing us with trivia questions. I am getting a lot of them wrong. We've now switched to a jeopardy varient of the game, just to keep it exciting.

We picked up the work rate recently, and have been getting through a couple of songs every couple of days. What have we done? I don't know... I'll ask Stav. "Knife Fight" today, "Truth Is" yesterday, and "Telling The Truth" also, which was going to be a challenge.

I was worried about it, because it was the first good new song that we'd written for the album, about two years ago. Then we played the shit out of it for AGES. And now, a long time after the original sentiment was written, we had to partially record it.

So I was worried I wouldn't feel the same way about it, especially as we'd already tried to record it once, and it had been shit. So anyway, I had a massive night, came in and then fell asleep on the couch. FOR THE WHOLE DAY AND NIGHT.
And then, Burke is a cock. Sorry, Stav told me to say something about Burke Reid.

Anyway, the long story short is they recorded "Telling The Truth" without me. And it was much better for it. Burke is a cock.

Stav and I watched Lord Of The Rings - "Return Of The King" last night, and I hadn't seen any of the other films in the series recently. I was also stoned, and Stav said maybe we should just watch "The Matrix", but I said no, let's watch Lord Of The Rings...

Anyway, when he turned it on, it was in a battle scene, and I had no idea what was happening for about an hour. And every second of that hour, I asked him "What is happening now?" "Who is this man?", and basically making fun of important parts of the story that he'd been building up to for about 6 HOURS. Even when an important, emotional thing was happening, and Stav was crying, I would make fun of the film.

Here's some things I noticed....

Samwise gets totally shafted in Lord Of The Rings - Return Of The King. He does ALL THE WORK, and even carries the ring for Frodo, who is just on male model duty, pouting and falling down for the majority of the end of the movie. Sam even manages to break the ring's spell and give it back to Frodo, whereas Frodo gets in the same situation, freaks out and turns evil.

So basically Frodo needn't have showed up. Sam does EVERYTHING.

Frodo then gets to fuck off with Gandalf to Arcadia while Sam has to go back to the Shire suffering from terrible post-traumatic stress disorder from his experiences in Mordor, to drink himself to death.

Jerry watched Doctor Who.

Drinking make some of your performance better, and some of it worse. The band is sounding loud, which is a perfectly acceptable substitute for good. We're all feeling like death, but now we have to go and record a uptempo party song.
It's hard, but you know that means its good for you... right?

I have to do a shit.

Blogger n said...
i saw this and thought of you *stifled tear*

Blogger SeaKebab said...
love the lotr story :D

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