Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Day 2 Million - Vocals

It's not easy doing these vocals. A day ago I had a bit of an emo-breakdown, and I had the day off as a result. We've had a couple of slow days doing things, and I'm keen to get in there and do stuff now. We're waiting for Burke R. and Chris S. to finish editing all our scrappy, scrappy takes together. It's what happens when a) you're making a 'produced' kind of pop record, and b) you CANNOT sing. But i figure, i try and do it, and then we'll see how it turns out. I can't really control it in the end, much as i'd like to.

The band have largely finished their work and gone home to their normal lives, leaving Burke, Stav, Chris ani. d I as a weird outpost on the frontier of the album recording. It feels like the last stage is approaching, and i just want to get it done in a quality way.

There are heaps of kids in the studio, making an album of garage covers with Rusty Hopkinson from You Am I. It's pretty wild. They are about 12, and you get the sense that some of them are probably pretty good. I told one of them my age, and she was like '????'

I had lunch with my ex today, which was emotionally complicated, but ultimately good. Tonight we've got a gig for my other band 'The Break-Up' at Spectrum, which should be great. We're under-rehearsed, but you get that. I'm excited.

I don't know. Life is complicated, especially when you get past twenty five, and you've got more things to think about. But if we do a good job on these songs, then I can feel like I've at least been true to myself and the things i wanted to say over the last three years or so, and i think that's important. Especially in light of how remarkably empty the rest of my adult life is.

This isn't meant to sound depressing, just trying to be honest. Whereas the whole start of making the record was all about fun and getting that energy into the playing, as we get to the end of the recording process, it becomes a bit more melancholy and sometimes scary. Or maybe that's the way I'm looking at it, because of what my life has been like it the last little while.

None of this is supposed to make you go 'oh, poor guy' or anything, but you think about those things, don't you? Oh, the song 'Head Of The Hawk' sounds pretty good to me.

x Jake
Blogger Felicia said...
Bullshit Jake, you're totally asking for sympathy fks! Haha! :P

25+ years are hard to get your head around when you haven't been there yet, I think. So ignore the kids! That's what I do, otherwise I get mopey about what I think I should've done with my life by now or what I should be doing. Not that it works all the time, but that's for my own internet musings!

Nice blog dudes! Is it too obvious to say, can't fkn wait for the album?!

May the rest of recording be as merry as can be,
Fel at her desk in North Sydney *snooze*
Home time = Frenzal Rhomb time!

Blogger Noni said...
*giggles* You're so old.

I'm sorry. That was horrifically mean. But you did kinda leave yourself open for fun poking by 19 year olds. (Who happen to look at least five years older, but that's a tale for another time...)

There's one good thing about when one feels like shit. It can only get better.

I'm going to disappear in to cyberspace before I make myself vomit with my own new-age bullshit. :)


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